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Monster House Games are different then the movie by exploring in the house even more and playing the characters. DJ ,Chowder and Jenny. A list of monster house video games: GameCube, GBA, NDS, in made 2006 the DS version is made in 2007. Boss fights: the mannquin, the Capet, the giant pipes, the furnace (the house's heart), the house. DJ, Chowder and Jenny need to the monster house from eating more people And Halloween is almost here!, monster house GameCube boss fights: the giant pipes, the mannequin. mini boss fights: lamp, red chair, red lamp and red heater, heater and old heater. Monster house GBA boss fights: the Capet, the 3 Mannquins,(different versions) and the furnace. Monster house NDS boss fights: the furnace, the house. The main characters: DJ, Chowder and Jenny, Skull.(but Skull did not talk and seen in DS version.)

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